The plane of Cerule is a world covered by water. Islands numbering into the tens of thousands are found together in archipelagos like they are huddling for safety from expanse of water.

Civilizations have come and gone, seemingly wiped out periodically from war or nature.

The known world is controlled by 3 factions. The first is pirates, displaying the most raw power but the most unorganized. Villages are ruled by the strongest pirate there. The strongest of the pirates include the Tempest Pirates, the Night Pirates, and the Reds.

The faction controlling the most islands is the Rutherford Government. Hereditary rule places a king on the throne, but the power lies in the navies of the Rutherfords. Their naval headquarters is found on the royal island of Tanchaka.

The final power in the world is the Cult of the Sun. The cult is shrouded in mystery, no know rulers, no known centralization, but the cult is growing.


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